National Park Arikok

Established in 2000 to preserve the island’s flora and fauna, the Arikok National Park is spread over an area of 34 square kilometers and located in the north-eastern region of the island.

The Arikok National park showcases most of Aruba’s distinct flora and fauna, nestled in the lap of Aruba’s natural geography. The region also highlights a significant part of Aruba’s history- encompassing gold mill ruins of the yesteryears alongside agricultural plantations, hilltops, caves, beaches, Aruba wetlands, and many more. Eco tours Aruba offers reasonable packages and takes you to beautiful sight-seeing places in and around.

arikok park map

Aruba Nature Tours| Arikok National Park

The National Park is the perfect place for tourists to discover the beauty and hidden secrets of the Caribbean island in the middle of wildly-varying geography.
For a better understanding, the entire Arikok National Park is divided into 3 Conservation sections- each consisting of several areas of interest. Aruba eco-tours cover these stunning places.

Arikok National Park| Notable places within the Arikok National Park
Here is a brief description of notable places in the Arikok National park. You can go sight-seeing with Aruba eco-tours:

1) Arikok National Park North Zone | Aruba Hiking Tours

a) Daimari Beach

Daimari Beach

The bay at the northernmost section of the Arikok National Park was formed due to erosion of the Daimari dry riverbed and north coast wave action. Most of the white sand is sent to the sea during heavy rainfall. The beach returns to its usual self after gradual waves return the sand back to its original position. If you wish to visit this beautiful beach, you can book one of our Arikok Park Hiking Tours here

b) Moro Rock

The resemblance to Aruba’s outline earned Moro the title of “Little Aruba”.These are the remnants that are left after the continuous effects of limestone erosion and two ways flanking at Boca Keto(North) and Boca Fluit(South).

c) Conchi Natural Pool

Aruba natural pool

The Conchi natural pool is one of the most important tourist attractions of Aruba and the best place to visit with Aruba hiking tours. The pool is comprised of lava stones and surrounded by rough seas. In the past, turtles used to roam in this pool- lending it the local name of Conchi(Turtle Pen). Tourists can swim in rough sea-like conditions- though in cases of extremity, swimming is discouraged.

If you are interested to take a hiking tour through the national park to Conchi, than you should book our 4 miles hiking tour to Conchi Natural Pool here