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The owners of Aruba Nature Explorers after many successful years in the Aruba Tourism Industry have created a company dedicated to bringing a meaningful and more insightful experience to the island visitors. The development and selection of Eco Tours primarily focus on sustainable tourism with an ecologically friendly base.

Aruba Nature Explorers strives to present our small yet influential and distinctive island as an ecologically diverse and culturally significant part of the Caribbean experience. The selection of tours we present are catered to each individual having a deeper understanding and respect for where Aruba came from and where it is going.

Nancy Brete Pope

Nancy Brete Pope

Lead Product Developer

An expat originating from the east coast of the USA, Nancy made Aruba her permanent home over 35 years ago. A long time business owner, this entrepreneur dedicated herself to creating, developing and owning many of the most popular activities still offered to our Aruba visitors today. Deciding to reinvent herself with a totally different career in real estate for a few years, Nancy was drawn back to the tourism industry by her present partner as there was a need for quality, not quantity visitor experiences. Nancy has spent many hours working together with the Aruba National Archives, National Library of Aruba, National Archeological Museum of Aruba, and various cultural experts adding depth to each activity that the guests do not often find.

Jorge Zarraga Saladrigas

Jorge Zarraga Saladrigas

Management Director

A passionate lover of nature since childhood, Jorge Zarraga has always been drawn to hiking and exploring anything outside. Ask him his most precious memories and they will all revolve around nature. There was never an afternoon growing up in Rooi Koochi after school that Jorge was not exploring in the “mondi” (local Aruban woods). Living adjacent to the Arikok National Park, Jorge and his brother would always walk to the fresh water spring at Fontein and thoroughly explore all of the caves on their way. They knew where all of the beautiful prikichi (Aruba’s parrots) were located plus goats, donkeys and many other natural inhabitants. After finishing school in Holland, Jorge returned to Aruba and successfully established his own company “JZ Marketing”. Joining forces with Nancy Brete-Pope to create the most unique and exciting Eco Tours, Jorge is coming back to his true passion, nature.

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