The Crested Caracara polyborus plancus is a large bird of prey that breeds in Aruba. “Warawara” is it’s name in the local language of Papiamento.  These scavengers soar over the cactus fields looking for dead carcasses.  In Aruba’s hot climate, dead animals that are left rotting can spread disease.  So these birds play a very important part in the ecosystem on Aruba.

Experts have estimated a 50% decline since 1985.  The Warawara most often will nest high up on the candelabra cactus.  The clearing of large plots of land for development has made this amazing bird’s numbers drop by half in the last 35 years. Land clearing with bulldozers due to the rapid expansion of the tourist industry without environmental consideration has been the biggest contributor to the decline of this spectacular bird on Aruba.