Plants – Coconut Palm Trees – Pali Coco

The Coconut Palm cocos nucifera locally known as Pali Coco is not a native tree to Aruba.  Visitors to Aruba are often surprised as these tropical beauties adorn the beaches and the landscaping so naturally.  The Coconut Palm was brought to Aruba by the Spanish via the Cape Verde Islands.  Many years ago various palm plantations were set up in the local rooi’s or river beds like Andicuri and Diamari.  There are remnants of these plantations still visible.  In fact Palm Beach where the high rise hotels are located was a coconut plantation prior to tourism development.  Coconut Palms are often called the “Tree of Life”, as every bit of the plant is used.  The coconut is full of healthy coconut water/milk with edible flesh used in many different recipes.  When dried the copra or flesh can then be pressed for coconut oil.  The oil can then be used in the production of margarine, soap and candles.  The fiber is used for rope and coconut matting.  The trunk of the tree can be sawed for timber and the leaves are used to make baskets and cover roofs.  Quite a useful plant especially a couple hundred years ago!