Eco-Tours Aruba | The hidden delights of Aruba

As a Caribbean tourist hotspot, Aruba has a long list of sightseeing attractions. However, unknown to many, the tiny island is also a hotspot for migratory birds and animals. The rich biodiversity, combined with rugged landscapes, tropical climate, and yearlong winds result in an ecosystem ideal for both plants and wildlife.

After shifting towards tourism as the primary contributor to Aruba’s economy, there have been several tours and fun activities to participate in. There were Aruba kayak tours, bird-watching tours, and so on. Recent trends promote eco-tourism. The island’s governing body has taken steps to conserve Aruba’s ecosystem.

Aruba has several endemic species of birds, plants, and snakes in addition to the ones native to the Caribbean region. Including the Arikok National Park, the government had recently promoted 16 protected areas to the status of Official Protected Nature Reserves. Some of them(Tierra del Sol Salina) have been declared Important Bird Area by Birdlife International.