Eco-Tours Aruba | The Caribbean island blessed with natural biodiversity

Aruba has been historically blessed with a wide array of natural resources and biodiversity. Several factors can be attributed to their harmonious growth in this Caribbean island. However, the rising human population has led to the destruction of ecosystems and natural habitats- making it hard for wildlife creatures to sustain themselves. Several species and subspecies have been put in endangered lists created by the international organizations concerned with plant and wildlife preservation.

Aruba Tours | Nature Protected Areas

In 2020, 16 protected areas were promoted to the position of Official Protected Nature Reserves. The Reserves are to be maintained by a member organization of the DCNA- the Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba.

Aruba Eco Tours | List of Natural Reserves in Aruba

A popular tourist hotspot, Aruba is also known among environmentalists, plant and wildlife conservationists for its rich and unique biodiversity. Private eco tours service operators customize tour packages that showcase the natural reserves and biodiversity in Aruba. Spreading awareness about Mother Nature while exploring the island’s beauty- the best of both worlds.

The following list mentions aruba things to do in the protected areas in eco tours aruba.

1) California Light House Dunes

Situated near the Arashi Beach of northwest Aruba, the California Lighthouse was named after the steamer ship California. The ship which was wrecked on 23 September 1891, was last reported near that region. The lighthouse was restored and renovated in May 2016, marking the 100th anniversary of its existence.

The surrounding terrain is best described as rugged and rough- making it difficult to walk around without sturdy footwear. Recent sightings as per the site include rarely seen birds like the belted kingfisher, shiny cowbird, several species of heron, and many more. The California Sand Dunes is covered in Aruba Eco Tours packages.

2) Tierra del Sol Salina

Salina or salt beds are flat earth surfaces covered with different types of salts and minerals- usually glistening white under the sun. Commonly found in deserts, they occur naturally. The 1-hectare Tierra del Sol Salina is located near the north-west boundary of Aruba.

Lying within the Tierra del Sol Resort, Spa and Country Club, the Salina is the breeding ground for rare birds such as great and snowy egrets, American coots, white-cheeked pintails. The location also serves as a roosting site for several other birds- earning the location an Important Bird Area tag by BirdLife International.

3) Saliña Malmok / Saliña Serka

The Salina Malmok/Salina Serka are important areas of bird sightings under aruba nature tours in the Dutch island state of Aruba. Tourist accommodations are available near the Malmok beach when on aruba tours. The Salina Malmok is visited each year by several bird-watchers. Several birds have been reported to be seen in these regions, including the merlin, terns, and different types of goose. One can enjoy kayaking with aruba kayak tours.

4) Saliña Palm Beach/Plas The Mill Resort

One of the biggest tourist hotspots under eco tours Aruba, Palm Beach is known both as a vacation hotspot and a haven for birdwatchers. You can go kayaking under aruba kayak tours and indulge in aruba beach meditation. With accommodation options available around the year, the location is below a distance of 30 minutes to birding locations like the California Lighthouse, Oranjestad as well as other tourist highlights including the Alto Vista Chapel, Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, nearby malls, and supermarkets.

Recent bird sightings include Red-footed booby(Oranjestad), Crested Bobwhite(California Lighthouse), American Oystercatcher(California Lighthouse), Northern Pintail(Palm Beach), Tringa(Palm Beach) and many more.

5) Bubali Plas

The 46-acre wetlands play a crucial part in the lives of Aruban people in more ways than one. The area is crucial for maintaining ecological balance. With its own ecosystem consisting of several native and endemic species of vegetation, the Bubali Plas is also one of the most important bird sanctuaries within the Caribbean island. It is one of the aruba things to do.

As per, there have been several rare bird sightings in Bubali. The latest sightings include Killdeer, American Moorhen, Neotropic Cormorant, Great White Egret, and many more.

6) Sero Teishi

Recently promoted for the status of a National Park, the region of Sero Teishi is named after fishing eagles. These birds are a significant part of the Aruban culture and to fly over the wetlands in search of prey. Possible bird sightings when on aruba tours include Osprey, different types of eagles and more. It is one of the top destination sights when on aruba nature tours.

7) Ramsar area: Spanish Lagoon Mangel Halto

The Spanish Lagoon is a 70-hectare conservation area- one of the largest lagoons in the Caribbean. It is a narrow coastal inlet with surrounding mudflats that accumulate due to tidal sedimentation. The conservation area is governed by the Ramsar convention and attracts worldwide visitors for mangrove plantations and coastal vegetation. The Spanish Lagoon region is extensively covered in specific Aruba hiking tours and one can indulge in aruba beach meditation here. .

8) Rooi Bringamosa

Rooi Bringamosa lies at the boundary of the Ramsar region. The wetlands region has been recently promoted to a National Park Status. The decision was made not only considering the avifauna, but also the diverse flora along both sides of the river. Birding enthusiasts have reported several sightings of eagles and other regional birds around the small river.

9) Rooi Taki

Along with the Rooi Bringamosa, the Rooi Taki was also designated protected status. The sporadic stream has an elevation of 48 meters and is a favorite of hiking enthusiasts. Several migratory birds halt at the Rooi Taki during their course- making it an important place of interest for birding and bird-watching, especially waterbirds. There are also several species of fish and crustaceans available.

10) Red Manoonchi

11) Rifislands Oranjestad

Several coral and sand islets are located in the south of Oranjestadd. These islands adjacent to the Aruban capital have a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Most of the native mangrove trees and other vegetation were destroyed in a fire accident. The government announced a reforestation drive which yielded 90% success. The Oranje Reef Islands were given the protected status due to their importance in preserving the Aruban ecosystem- as well as notable reports of bird-sighting.

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