Breba Cactus – Cereus Repandus

The Breba (Cereus repandus) is the most common cactus in Aruba. Also known as Kadushi this cactus falls under the so-called columnar cacti and can reach more than four meters in height. The Breda cactus has been used by Arubans for many purposes. For example, this cactus can be used as a natural yard fence. In addition, the plant can also be eaten and used in beverages.  The Breda cactus is one of the two columnar cactus that dominate the landscape throughout Aruba. Its fluted stems can furnish a staple foodstuff.   In the past dried out kadushi was also used for torches and fuel as well as fences.  Thick trucks of old specimens can be used in carpentry.  Kite flying enthusiasts will often use the inner ribs of the cactus for the frame of their kites.  Most children raised in Aruba at some point have made a kite from cactus wood.