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If you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean, don’t forget to head to Aruba!

You will savor the authentic Caribbean spirit. Plus, Aruba has pleasant warm sunny skies throughout the year and white sand beaches. There is plenty to explore in terms of flora and fauna included in the aruba nature tours and you can try out anything from wildlife viewing, adventure sports, hiking trails, and other fun Aruba things to do.

Aruba Tours
With Aruba Eco Tours, we can help create a tailor-made experience for you. You can also choose your favorite from the highly specialized tour package catalog ideal for private eco tours. Here are some of the available options.

Aruba Tours

With Aruba Eco Tours, we can help create a tailor-made experience for you. You can also choose your favorite from the highly specialized tour package catalog ideal for private eco tours. Here are some of the available options.

Aruba Hiking Tours- Follow the Gold

We participated in the Follow the Gold tour package without knowing what to expect. The 4.5-hour journey began in the afternoon. By the end of the excursion, we were aware of the history behind the gold mining deposits of Aruba. A moderate level of fitness is required for this hiking trip which will be monitored by the aruba hiking tours.

We started at 4:00 pm from the ruins of Bushiribana, climbing up to the remnants of a large dig site on the Matividiri hill. From there, we descended to Kadushi. Multiple dig sites can be found there along the path towards Sero Krystal and Sero Gerard. Gold mining in Aruba began during the early 1800s.

In the early days, tons of gold ore was transferred from these dig sites to the Bushiribana Gold Mill. The journey by aruba tours proved to be a great learning experience about Aruba’s rich culture and history. The entire trip is also a paradise for those who prefer scenic landscapes- an often neglected aspect of Aruba’s charm.

The excursion was a private tour, with a small number of participants. The tour package also included snack choices between burgers, wraps, or salads (gluten-free and vegetarian options available on request). Comfortable attire for walking (shorts/pants, sneakers) is recommended- as this trip involves quite a lot of walking.

Throughout the tour, non-alcoholic beverages (coffee and tea) are available, along with options for water refills. However, do remember to bring your water bottle. The journey concluded around 8:30 pm with us returning to our hotel. Overall, a truly memorable experience in with aruba hiking tours.

Aruba Nature Tours Sunrise Hike and Beach Meditation

The Sunrise Hike and Beach Meditation tour were one of the most popular hiking tour packages by Aruba Eco Tours. If you are visiting Aruba, this private small-group excursion tour is a must-not-miss activity. The tour activity includes a moderate level of hiking- grab a pair of sneakers, comfortable attire for walking, a water bottle and you are all set.

The duration of the excursion is approximately 4.5 hours including time taken for transport. The trip began an hour before sunrise- sleep early the night before. We went past the peaceful Aruban countryside to the historic Alto Vista Chapel.

Known locally as the Pilgrims Church, the small Catholic chapel is located on the hills above the northern seashore. The first Chapel of Aruba was originally built in 1750 by a Christian Missionary from Venezuela, Domingo Silvestre. According to our gathered information, local Catholics participate in an annual pilgrimage on foot from Oranjestad to the Alto Vista Chapel on Good Friday.

Following the Alto Vista, we went along the northern coastline to a pristine white sea beach. It is one of the aruba things to do. A clear sky starry sky made for a mesmerizing view when we arrived at the sea beach. Taking a comfortable seat on the white sand, we finally arrived at the moment we had been eagerly waiting for. The daylight broke in, and we were blessed with a breathtaking view of the sunrise.

After a few snapshots, we began the traditional Aruban custom of beach meditation. The entire experience left a feeling of peace and serenity. We grew to appreciate the scenic splendor of Aruba in a new light. Eco tours aruba helped us get a peek into this stunning place.

In addition to the unique Aruba beach meditation experience, the tour operators by aruba tours made sure that we were well-fed. The breakfast was sumptuous- with several items on the menu. Gluten-free and vegetarian food options were also available.

Non-alcoholic beverages such as tea and coffee were provided during the tour, along with options for water refilling. At the end of the thoroughly satisfying tour, we were dropped off at the hotel we were staying in. A remarkable journey indeed by the private eco tours in Aruba.

Aruba Eco Tours

Explore the blessings of Mother Nature, wildlife, rapidly changing geological formations, aruba beach meditation in sunny white beaches, and authentic Caribbean hospitality in Aruba nature tours. Make a pick among attractive tour package options from Aruba Nature Explorers- the best in the business. Group booking options are available, with food/beverages included in most eco tours aruba packages.